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Showrooms open Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 5pm.

All orders above $2500 will receive free standard shipping. In-home setup is an additional $150.

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February 1, 2023

How To Liven Up Your Home Keeping Winter In Mind

Here’s a few quick ways to liven up your homes while keeping comfy this winter. Just because it’s gloomy outside, doesn’t mean you should feel gloomy at home. Spruce up your homes to stay happy and warm all throughout your January winters.

Changing parts of your home during different seasons is a great way for keeping your home welcoming and cozy at all times. It could be small changes like changing a few colorful elements in a room or something large scale like adding new furniture, repainting of a wall or removing clunky elements to create more space. Here are 7 easy ways to keep your home cozy and bright during the winters. 

  1. Layer up

We’re not the only ones that need to layer up on clothes during the winter, the simplest way to feel cozy is to layer up your furniture. You can use so many different elements like, boucle couch throws, woolen cushion covers for your couch, velvet cushions or even woolen knitted throws.

  1. Warm tones

The color palette of a place says a lot about the vibe and energy it emits. Warm whites, beige, hues of yellows, oranges and reds can make the space warmer and calmer compared to blues and cooler whites, giving a more colder and chilly feeling. 

This does not mean you need to repaint your homes at the start of every season, but you can play around with the furniture colors, or even smaller elements like pillow cover colors, different colors for your blankets and throws, a change in centerpieces at your dining table, different artifacts on your living room furniture, center tables, etc. 

  1. Plain Raw Materials

The idea is to not only give your home a rustic look but to also feel comfortable, vintage and charming. Raw materials like dried cotton balls, dried plants, potpourri, mud or clay display pieces like pots, vases etc. create a nice comfortable space with cozy furniture cabin. 

  1. There’s never too many Cushions

Cushions scream warmth and comfort, nothing better in the winters than lazing around in a cushion fort, this is where your living room comes into play. The best part about your living room furniture and bedroom is the fact that both these places hold a lot of cushions. And no amount of cushions are too many, you can mix and match them from all over your house and they’ll always fit together. Try mixing and matching cushions of different textures, colors and sizes to give your room a lovely cozy balance. 

  1. Rug’s the Word

The ultimate winter hack is a quick three letter word - ‘RUG’. For your cold floor and cozy feet, we’d suggest adding rugs around your room, the living room and any place you spend a lot of time to not just make it seem comfortable but for you to spend time in your cozy furniture without feeling cold. It’s an extra insulation you need. You can use woolen or soft shaggy fabrics to do the trick. If you’re feeling a little more artistic, you can even hang them on your walls to give a warm aura. 

  1. Take what you’ve learnt OUTSIDE

While the inside of your house is where you want to spend your time while it snows, redecorating the outside according to your winters might give you that nudge to spend some time outdoors. The key is to create a winter-friendly outdoor environment with the help of layering. Use cushions, throw blankets and throws, and faux-sheepskin on your daybeds, lawn chairs or swings to cozy-up your outdoors. 

  1. Hang heavy drapes

Tis’ the season for your drapes to keep you warm. Hang up your heavy drapes, a great insulator for the cold, keeping your room warm. An extra layer of thick fabric up against your window creates a strong thermal wall, keeping the outdoor air from coming into the room. It’s another way to spruce up the decor in your room to keep things personalized, familiar and comfortable. 

If you need some more inspiration to warm up your homes, check out our website for some cozy furniture to cuddle up onto this winter. Start off the new year with nothing but the best. We hope you have a great 2023 and a warm comfortable January.