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All orders above $2500 will receive free standard shipping. In-home setup is an additional $150.

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November 23, 2022

Quick Ways To Amp Up Your Thanksgiving Spirit At Home

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the entire family coming home, and making a delicious meal for everyone, decorating and building the thanksgiving spirit might take more time and effort. But keep reading for some quick and easy tips to amp up your thanksgiving décor and spirit in simple and fun ways. Let’s make it a wholesome holiday at home for you and your family. 

Stick to the theme

Since Thanksgiving strongly resonates with the fall season, you can stick to the theme, which means sticking to colors like orange, yellow, and red. Choose warm colors and make them a part of your home. You can add small orange tea light candles or a yellow vase around the fireplace. You can change your sofa throw quilt to a subtle and calm yellow to create a warm environment around your home. 

A few more interesting themes for thanksgiving decor ideas are sepia tones, where you use neutral colors, or even a black and white theme, where you can set your dining table with a black and white table runner and similar colored cutlery. 

Don’t restrict your decoration

Thanksgiving doesn’t just mean decorating your dining table and living room. Go ahead and spruce up your main door, office, your bedroom, and your bathrooms with different ideas. So many rooms to decorate and so little time? Keep reading to find quick tips and tricks to making your home more thanksgiving-y.

The Main Door

Your main entrance doesn’t have to SCREAM ‘Happy Thanksgiving’, it can be a subtle whisper if you like. All you need to do is place a few pumpkins here and there, around your entrance and add a small wreath on your door, making it a subtle and sweet entrance to bring in the holiday. 

The Bedroom

Yes, seeing leaves fall season outside your window is a great addition to this festival, but what about your throne? You can decorate your bedroom with cute autumn-themed bedsheets, pillow covers, and quilts to spread the excitement of the holiday season. Adding a fall wreath above the bed and a scented pumpkin candle on the side table will make you feel pampered and at home.

The Bathroom

Don’t forget the bathroom! A quick and simple way to decorate your bathroom is to have a small bouquet of flowers placed near the sink, along with hand napkins in autumn colors (reds, oranges, and yellows). You can add tea light candles and incense sticks to give it a cozy touch, if you’re feeling fancy, you can even add a pair of candle sticks to the decoration. 

Make nature a part of your home

If you think this is a crazy idea, keep reading, you’re going to love it. A few simple ways to make nature a part of your thanksgiving décor would be to accessorize your table with a wooden salad bowl or small wooden bowls, to create a fun centerpiece you can use natural fruits, an all-berry centerpiece is easy to make, looks delicious and makes nature, a part of your table. Throw some odd-sized pomegranates on your table to give it a fun autumn feeling. 

You can always collect a few colorful dry leaves and place them in a wooden chest, or on your console table to create a calm surrounding. 

Searching for an easy way to raise the bar? Run outside, pick up that big dry branch and place it within a flower vase. You can decorate it with fairy lights or even make your own gratitude tree by keeping a few pens and pieces of paper around, allowing everyone to write what they’re grateful for, and hanging or sticking it onto the tree. A great way to personalize the decoration and get everyone to feel included in the celebration. 

Lastly, make use of your Mantel

Your fireplace will be the end game to your thanksgiving dinner, after the temperature drops, the food is devoured and everyone wants to sit back, relax and reminisce on some memories. Decorate your mantels with cute family photos, fairy lights, and autumn leaves. Place a few oranges and pinecones between your candle sticks. A big part of this setting would be your sofa, so make sure your furniture is well-placed to have maximum space to create and be part of all the conversations and inside jokes. In case you need help in choosing the perfect sofa for your house here’s our previous blog to help you out.

Check out our website for some cozy furniture you’d definitely want to bring home this Thanksgiving to cuddle up with your family around the fireplace. We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving because what we’re most thankful for, is you.